We bring forward the people behind our products and connect them with those who use them. We think there is a great future in software and we’re excited about it. We want the community to participate in the ongoing conversation. This is the heart of Channel 9. We talk about our work but listen to the customer.

  • Security in WPF Apps | Visual Studio Toolbox
    by Robert Green on 28th May 2020 at 20:04

    In this episode, Robert is joined by Paul Sheriff, who shows an approach to creating a data-driven security system you can add to your existing WPF applications with just a little bit of code. Paul shows to secure controls on windows or user controls, so that the controls can be made invisible, disabled, read-only, hidden or collapsed. Resources:Paul's CODE Magazine article: A WPF Security SystemSample code 

  • SwipeView - Swipe It All Away | The Xamarin Show | The Xamarin Show
    by James Montemagno on 28th May 2020 at 19:00

    This week, James is joined by friend of the show Gerald Versluis, Xamarin.Forms Engineer, who shows off SwipeView, a brand new control for Xamarin.Forms apps. SwipeView enables developers easily add swipe actions on any view and has a lot of great functionality and customization built in. Tune in. Show Links:GitHub: Demo CodeDocs: DesignsGood Looking UI GitHubFind James on: Twitter, GitHub, Blog, and his weekly podcast Merge Conflict.Follow @JamesMontemagnoNever Miss an Episode: Follow @TheXamarinShowUseful Links:Learn more about Xamarin, Xamarin.Forms, & Cross-platform developmentXamarin Developer Center & BlogMicrosoft Learn Self-Guided TrainingCreate a Free Account (Azure)Xamarin Developers YouTube ChannelXamarin on Twitter 

  • Azure SQL Zone Redundant Configuration for High Availability | Data Exposed
    by Anna Hoffman, Marisa Brasile on 28th May 2020 at 16:00

    In this video, Emily Lisa and Anna Hoffman discuss how to make a database zone redundant in Azure SQL, and the High Availability benefits of the zone redundant configuration. [00:47] What is an availability zone?[01:25] How does it relate to Azure SQL?[02:14] Regions that support Availability Zones[03:10] Demo to Enable Zone Redundant Configuration[04:10] How it affects SLAsAdditional Resources:High-availability and Azure SQL Database: and Availability Zones in Azure: that support Availability Zones in Azure: for Azure SQL Database:

  • ASP.NET Core Series: Blazor | On .NET
    by Cecil Phillip, Jeremy Likness, pattynguyen on 28th May 2020 at 11:45

    ASP.NET Core is our open-source, cross-platform framework for building modern, cloud-enabled, Internet-connected apps. In this series of videos we'll be cover many of the interesting features of the framework.There's been ton of interest about Blazor in the community. In the episode, Dan Roth joins Jeremy to talk about how you can do Blazor on the server and in the web browser. Useful Links[01:10] - What is Blazor?[03:36] - What's the different between Blazor server and Blazor WebAssembly[07:44] - Blazor Server demo[11:06] - Blazor WebAssembly demo[14:49] - Debugging Blazor inside the browser[19:01] - Progress Web App (PWA) support Useful Links.NET HomepageBuild your first Blazor AppRecipes demo app

  • The History of Visual Studio Code | Microsoft Build 2020
    by Erich Gamma, Asim Hussain, Simona Cotin on 26th May 2020 at 16:02

    We speak to the creator of Visual Studio Code about the early challenges to now becoming the most popular development environment in the world.

  • ASP.NET Core Series: MVC and Razor Pages | On .NET
    by Cecil Phillip, pattynguyen on 26th May 2020 at 11:30

    ASP.NET Core is our open-source, cross-platform framework for building modern, cloud-enabled, Internet-connected apps. In this series of videos we'll be cover many of the interesting features of the framework.In the episode, Dan Roth comes on to chat with us about the MVC and Razor Pages programming model.[01:16] - Overview of the benefits of ASP.NET Core MVC[03:34] - Where does Razor fit in?[04:42] - How do frontend JavaScript frameworks relate to Razor?[06:50] - Quick overview of ASP.NET Core Razor Pages[09:22] - Web development patterns for Desktop developers[11:03] - Creating a Razor pages app DEMO Useful LinksCreate a web UI with ASP.NET Core.NET HomepageGet started with Razor Pages

  • Mark Russinovich on Azure innovation and more! | Microsoft Build 2020
    by Mark Russinovich, Seth Juarez on 21st May 2020 at 03:56

    Join Seth and Mark in a conversation discussing Azure innovation, cloud native programming models, and other exciting technology.

  • The Journey to One .NET | Microsoft Build 2020
    by Scott Hunter, Scott Hanselman on 19th May 2020 at 18:59

    Get the latest updates in .NET Core and how you can be more productive building apps that run on any platform or device. Learn about some of the exciting things we're working on for .NET 5 and beyond.

  • C# Today & Tomorrow | Microsoft Build 2020
    by Mads Torgersen, Dustin Campbell on 19th May 2020 at 18:59

    With C# 8 recently shipped, we paint the big picture: we lay out where the C# and Visual Studio experience is headed. We'll also show you early glimpses of what we're currently thinking with C# 9.

  • Introduction to the new Embedded C SDK for Azure IoT | Internet of Things Show
    by Olivier Bloch, Pamela on 19th May 2020 at 15:00

    In this video, we show the Public Preview of the new Azure SDK for Embedded C, designed to allow constrained devices to take advantage of Azure IoT services. We walk you through the sample code to explain how the Azure SDK for Embedded C works and how to get started.Learn more at

  • Protecting Sensitive Data using Differential Privacy | AI Show
    by Seth Juarez on 19th May 2020 at 14:00

    Using data for machine learning and analytics can potentially expose private data.  How can we leverage data while ensuring that private information remains private? In this session, we'll discuss how differential privacy can be used to preserve privacy.  We'll demonstrate how you can use newly released open source system, WhiteNoise, to put DP into your applications.Learn More: Whitenoise PaperOpen Differential PrivacyAzure Machine Learning How ToThe AI Show's Favorite links:Don't miss new episodes, subscribe to the AI Show  Create a Free account (Azure) Deep Learning vs. Machine Learning   Get Started with Machine Learning

  • Azure IoT Developer Specialty Certification | Internet of Things Show
    by Olivier Bloch, Pamela on 18th May 2020 at 15:00

    Hear more about the new Microsoft Certified: Azure IoT Developer Specialty and resources to learn how to build IoT solutions with Azure IoT. Visit to learn more about the Azure IoT Developer Specialty.Are you a developer implementing, coding or maintaining cloud or edge components of IoT solutions? Is part of your job to manage devices life cycle – set up, configuration, and maintenance – using cloud services? Do you design IoT solutions including device topology, connectivity, debugging, and security? Do you implement solutions to manage, monitor, and transform data related to IoT? If these job responsibilities sound familiar, I have a great opportunity for you to showcase your skills and be recognized for them: Take AZ-220 exam: Microsoft Azure IoT Developer.Resources- Visit to learn more about the Azure IoT Developer Specialty- Upskill online with our new MS Learning Paths: Join our 5 part virtual training event starting April 16th. Videos ondemand afterwards: IoT Show hosts Pamela @AtlaOhms and Olivier @obloch on Twitter for all things IoT and latest tech updates!

  • TWC9: #MSBuild Preview, VS Codespaces, GitHub Satellite, TypeScript 3.9 and more | This Week On Channel 9
    by Christina Warren on 16th May 2020 at 19:14

    This Week on Channel 9, Christina is back (with a new camera!) with all of the latest developer news, including:[00:51] #MSBuild Microsoft Build Digital Information - Register Now[02:08] GitHub Satellite Recap[02:55] Visual Studio Codespaces[04:00] Visual Studio Code 1.45[04:40] VS Code Python Extension May 2020[04:55] TypeScript 3.9[05:10] Docker VS Code Extension Update and Details[05:55] Start Developing for Windows 10 v. 2004 [06:24] AI Show[06:38] VS Toolbox[06:47] On .NET[06:53] Christina's Pick of the Week: New Surface Goodness

  • AzUrlShortener: An open source, budget-friendly URL shortener | Azure Friday
    by Scott Hanselman, Rob Caron on 15th May 2020 at 16:00

    AzUrlShortener is an open source, budget-friendly URL shortener you can deploy directly from GitHub with one click into your Azure subscription. In this episode, Frank Boucher joins Scott Hanselman to explain how to get it, why it's inexpensive, and explores the source code.[0:01:34] - DemoFBoucher/AzUrlShortener GitHub projectAzUrlShortener: How It WorksAzure Functions overviewTable storage overviewAzure Cosmos DB Table APIFrank Boucher videos: Project: Azure Url Shortener (AzUrlShortener)Create a free account (Azure)

  • Keynote: Xamarin All The Things | Focus on Xamarin
    by Amanda Silver, David Ortinau, Maddy Leger on 18th March 2020 at 15:37

    Join Maddy, David, and Amanda as they kick off a day full of Xamarin and .NET. Find out what is new and awesome for Xamarin developers to build stunning cross-platform mobile apps with .NET and Visual Studio. You do not want to miss out!For more information on Xamarin head over to

  • Welcome to Blazor | Focus on Blazor
    by Daniel Roth on 8th January 2020 at 19:58

    Welcome to the event including status of the product and what you can do with it today!For more information head over to

  • .NET Conf 2019 Keynote | .NET Conf 2019
    by Scott Hunter, Mads Torgersen, Daniel Roth, Glenn Condron, James Montemagno, Bri Achtman, Olia Gavrysh on 23rd September 2019 at 22:03

    .NET Conf 2019 Keynote - Scott Hunter   Mads Torgersen   James Montemagno   Olia Gavrysh   Daniel Roth   Glenn Condron   Bri Achtman  Announcing .NET Core 3.0