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  • | Stop wasting your time with Old-School Logging | Tech Exceptions
    by Golnaz on 25th November 2020 at 15:00

    Jonah Kowall, CTO at, joins Adi Polak to discuss how enhances users to continuously provision their infrastructure's machine generated data. Jonah will take Adi through a journey and highlight how combines cloud-native simplicity and scalability with crowdsourced AI to help engineers identify critical issues before they occur. Checkout: Free trial of Homepage Fully managed ELK solution  Follow @CH9  Follow @AdiPolak Follow @TechExceptions    

  • Get Started with Individual Dev/Test | The DevOps Lab
    by AbelSquidHead, Channel 9 Studio, jorgievision, deeTech on 24th November 2020 at 15:00

    A deep dive into understanding how you can leverage individual credits for enterprise work, and drive innovation for lasting impact.  We'll look at how you can use these subscriptions, their benefits and how you can enable various security scenarios and protocols leveraging Azure AD.Jump To:[01:20] -  introduction[03:30] -  pricing calculator showing discounts[05:22] -  activating your credit subscription[06:45] -  personal identity infrastructures, your own AAD![08:52] -  credit limits so you don't overspend[09:45] -  experimentation and isolation – security by separation[10:37] -  removing credit limits[12:35] -  your own azure cloud[13:00] -  tying DevOps tools to your credit subscription[13:20] -  inner loops, IAC and ARM templates[14:25] -  inviting a company admin for monitoring or awareness ( organizational control and RBAC for Azure subscriptions)[15:00] - adding user or admin oversight for security monitoring[16:00] - adding external users vs creating new users[17:30] - changing offer types Learn More: Monthly Azure Credit for Visual Studio Subscribers | Microsoft AzurePricing Details | Visual Studio - Visual StudioChange Azure subscription offer | Microsoft DocsAzure DevOps DocsGitHub ActionsAzure DevOps YouTubeCreate a Free Azure DevOps Account 

  • The future of IoT solutions development… today! | Internet of Things Show
    by Olivier Bloch, Channel 9 Studio, jorgievision on 23rd November 2020 at 16:00

    Azure IoT Plug and Play is now natively supported in IoT Central. Solution builders can develop end-to-end IoT solutions using IoT Central and PnP ready devices with zero code. This drastically reduces development and deployment costs and overall time to market. ISVs and partners building Line of Business (LOB) applications can rapidly accelerate development by using ready-to-use Plug and Play devices from a wide selection of devices from the Plug and Play certified catalog.

  • Code to Cloud with VS Code and Docker | Azure Friday
    by Scott Hanselman, Rob Caron on 20th November 2020 at 18:00

    After a quick demo of working with Docker images in Visual Studio, Paul Yuknewicz shows Scott Hanselman how the Docker for Visual Studio Code extension makes it easy for you to build, debug, and diagnose containerized apps. Paul will also show how the extension helps you deploy a container to Azure Container Instances.[0:00:00]– Overview[0:01:07]– Demo: Building & exploring a Docker image in Visual Studio[0:08:50]– Demo: Code to Cloud with VS Code and Docker (Java Settlers)[0:21:12]– Playing the game in the Cloud[0:24:08]– Wrap-upDocker for Visual Studio Code extensionVS Code Docker extension can now run containers in Azure Container InstancesDeploying Docker containers on AzureLearn: Introduction to Docker containersCreate a free account (Azure)

  • Performance Profiling | .NET Object Allocation Tracking Tool | Visual Studio Toolbox
    by Robert Green, Leslie Richardson [MSFT] on 19th November 2020 at 17:23

    Diagnostics PM Sagar Shetty continues taking us on a tour of the Visual Studio profiling tools. Today he shows how you can see how much memory your app uses and what code paths allocate the most memory by using the .NET Object Allocation tool.Learn more about profiling in Visual Studio at more about the .NET Object Allocation tool here.

  • New Software Assurance Benefits for SQL Server on Azure Virtual Machines | Data Exposed
    by Marisa Brasile on 19th November 2020 at 16:00

    In this episode with Amit Banerjee, you will review new Software Assurance core benefits for high availability and disaster recovery can make running SQL Server on Azure virtual machine cheaper than before. You will also see how all SQL Server releases can benefit from the FREE passive replica cores and help bring down the cost of running SQL Server on an Azure virtual machine.[00:00] Introduction[01:15] Azure Hybrid Benefit[02:42] High Availability and Disaster Recovery SA Benefit[03:36] Always on AD for SQL Server on Azure VMs[05:22] Distributed AG for SQL Server on Azure VMs[06:08] SQL Server Failover Cluster Instances[09:55] Sneak peek of what's nextResources:New high availability and disaster recovery benefits for SQL ServerSQL Server 2019 Licensing GuideSQL Server Licensing: High Availability and Disaster Recovery Benefits

  • Overview of Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure | Introduction Ep.1: Cloud Adoption Framework | Azure Enablement
    by PratibhaSood, KristenBaker on 18th November 2020 at 00:00

    Pratibha Sood joins Sarah Lean to discuss the Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure-including its key components, business value, and how you can get started.[00:00] Introduction[00:34] What is the Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure?[01:57] Who is the target audience?[04:46] Demo: walkthrough of the Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure[06:36] What tools and templates are available as part of the framework?[10:42] How do you get started?📺 Related episodes to watch next:Assess cloud readiness using Microsoft Assessments Cloud Adoption Framework- Module 2: Azure landing zones✔️ Resources:Cloud Adoption Framework DocumentationCloud Adoption Framework | Get started guidesCloud Adoption Framework AssessmentsCloud Adoption Framework MS Learn course🔴 Watch more episodes in the Cloud Adoption Framework Series! 

  • Service Discovery with Steeltoe | On .NET
    by Cecil Phillip, jorgievision on 17th November 2020 at 14:09

    Service discovery essentially is trying to find an answer to the question of what services are available and how do I get to them.In this episode, we chat with Tim Hess and David Dieruf from the Steeltoe team to learn how to setup Service discovery in an ASP.NET Core application with just a few lines of code.[02:40] - What is Service Discovery?[04:08] - Comparing Service Discovery and DNS[06:10] - Setting up service discovery with Steeltoe[13:28] - Configuring the discovery client[21:10] - Inspecting services in Eureka[23:03] - Benefits of Service Discovery[26:52] - Getting start resources Useful LinksSteeltoe HomepageService Discovery with Steeltoe.NET Microservices with SteeltoeSteeltoe on GitHub 

  • GraphQL Schema stitching | On .NET
    by Cecil Phillip, Jeremy Likness on 16th November 2020 at 15:30

    With Schema stitching,  developers can create a unified GraphQL schema from multiple underlying GraphQL APIs. This gives us the benefit of reducing multiple data queries for our data in a single request from one schema.In this episode,  Jeremy chats with the author of Hot Chocolate, Michael Staib, about how .NET developers can implement GraphQL schema stitching with Hot Chocolate.[01:57] - What is schema stitching about?[06:00] - Schema stitching with Hot Chocolate[09:08] - Querying with Banana Cake Pop[10:16] - Setting up the GraphQL Gateway[13:56] - Customizing the schema[20:42] - Merging related schemas Useful LinksSchema Stitching ExamplesGetting started with GraphQL and HotChocolateCreate web APIs with ASP.NET Core 

  • South Africa: All about accessibility | CodeStories
    by Golnaz, Kaitlin McKinnon, Cameron Tomisser, Anna Soracco on 16th November 2020 at 15:00

    Recorded January 2020, at the Microsoft office in Johannesburg, South AfricaIn this episode of CodeStories, Seth joins Rory to learn about Accessibility tools, and tours the Microsoft Johannesburg office.Jump to: [02:17] - Accessibility Insights demo (learn more @[05:38] - Immersive Reader[06:55] - Microsoft Technology Center[10:07] - App Factory & subscribe to CodeStories on Channel 9: this unprecedented time, we are committed to staying connected and providing you with valuable resources to stay safe and continue to engage with your communities.Here are some resources to learn and grow during these times:Learn TV Tech Communities on Meetup  

  • Migrate and modernize your .NET applications on Azure | Azure Friday
    by Scott Hanselman, Rob Caron on 13th November 2020 at 19:00

    Azure App Service hosts over 2M web apps with a fully managed app hosting platform for .NET, Node, Python, and Java web apps. In this episode, Gaurav Seth shows Scott Hanselman what's new in Azure App Service. Gaurav demos the new Premium V3 Plan with newer and faster hardware and lower pricing, ability to save costs with the new Reserved Instance Pricing, how to migrate ASP.NET apps with OS dependencies using Windows Containers, and briefly discusses the upcoming App Service Environment v3.[0:00:00]– Overview[0:00:23]– What's new in App Service[0:04:05]– Premium V3 Plan with Windows Containers GA[0:07:10]– Reserved Instance Pricing and other cost savings[0:08:13]– App migration demo[0:13:31]– Networking capabilities in Windows Containers[0:15:56]– Azure Front Door with Web Application Firewall[0:18:20]– App Service Environment v3 & wrap-upDownload the Migration Assistant for your .NET and PHP AppsZero to Hero with App Service blog post seriesMigrate, Modernize .NET applications on Azure (Ignite 2020)Continuous Deployment for Windows Containers with GitHub ActionsDeploy a website to Azure with Azure App ServiceCreate a free account (Azure)

  • Keynote - Welcome to .NET 5 | .NET Conf 2020
    by Scott Hunter on 12th November 2020 at 00:29

    Scott Hunter, Director of Program Management for .NET, will kick off the day with loads of new demos and some very special guests.

  • Java Developer Productivity on Windows | JDConf 2020
    by Rich Turner on 23rd October 2020 at 22:50

    Do you enjoy having to perform all the manual steps required to set-up and configuring Windows as a productive Java development environment? If not, this session is for you: We'll explore new ways to setup your Windows dev environment MUCH more quickly and easily than before. And along the way we'll learn about a bunch of new and exciting productivity-boosting features and technologies that will enable you to write and build your Java code for Windows and Linux – side by side, in harmony.Additional Resources:Set up Your Development Environment on Windows 10

  • Welcome and Keynote: The Art of Computers | Start. Dev. Change.
    by Seth Juarez, Scott Hanselman, Dona Sarkar on 15th October 2020 at 02:15

    Meet your hosts Dona Sarkar and Seth Juarez as they welcome you to Start. Dev. Change! Keynote by Scott Hanselman to follow.

  • Microsoft and VMware: Supporting Spring and Open Source Developers | Azure Spring Cloud GA
    by Julia Liuson, Ajay Patel on 24th September 2020 at 20:24

    Julia Liuson, CVP of Developer Division at Microsoft, and Ajay Patel, SVP/GM of Modern Applications Platform Business Unit at VMware, discuss the Microsoft and VMware partnership, modern application development, and Azure Spring Cloud. Hear how Microsoft and VMware are working together to support developers, Spring, and the open source ecosystem.Get started with Azure Spring Cloud using quickstart: Session Decks

  • The Intersection of Microservices, Domain-Driven Design and Entity Framework Core | Focus on Microservices
    by Julie Lerman on 23rd July 2020 at 00:17

    Domain-Driven Design (DDD) provides much of the strategic design guidance that we can use to determine the boundaries around and interactions between Microservices in our solutions. DDD also follows up with tactical design patterns for your business logic. In this session we'll take a look at some of these patterns and how EF Core naturally, or with some additional configuration, persists the data that your microservices depend on.

  • Welcome to .NET Conf: Focus on Microservices | Focus on Microservices
    by Scott Hunter, David Fowler on 22nd July 2020 at 23:55

    Scott and David from the .NET team kick off the day with .NET Core features, roadmap and lots of demos of building microservices with .NET.