Intune’s new Troubleshooting Portal makes diagnosing and resolving end user issues easier

This post is authored by Jon Lynn, Service Engineer, Intune Customer Experience team.

Having the right data at your fingertips is a must when youre troubleshooting issues with yourend users. Intunes new Troubleshooting Portal provides a single pane of glass for reviewing device status, assignments and policies affecting a user, eliminating the need to click into multiple workloads to diagnose issues. Now you can simply load up a user and see a range of factors impacting their individual experiencethis is a big win for IT Pros and Support or Helpdesk workers who want resolve end user issues faster with less effort.

Heres a list of user details you can view for each user in the Troubleshooting portal:

  • User status
  • Group assignment
  • Application and policy Assignments
  • App protection Status
  • Compliance issues
  • Device status
  • Device details such as OS type and version

Role Based Access Control makes getting started easy

Intunes Role Based Access Control (RBAC) capabilities make it easy to set up your support and helpdesk operators with access to the Troubleshooting Portal. RBAC comes with a pre-defined Helpdesk Operator role which comes pre-configured with administrative rights to manage tasks appropriate for end user helpdesk support personnel. To set this up, you simply add the appropriate members of your support staff to the Helpdesk Operator roleonce theyve been added, theyll have access to the Troubleshooting Portal and the information and actions theyll need.

From there, they can quickly find and select a user, and view whats happening in their personal environment. Youll have a full picture of their assignments, policies, device, apps, and app protection status you can even see details about the registration status of devices in Azure Active Directory. If you need to investigate specific policies or apps, simply click the policy or app and it will open on the right next to the troubleshooting blade. This really simplifies how helpdesk and IT staff can troubleshoot issues. Check out our documentation to learn more on how to complete the setup process.

The Troubleshooting Portal offers a single pane of glass to view a users assignments, policies, device, apps, and app protection status.

Coming soon, youll be able to review applications installation status and enrollment status for devices. We want to hear from you – well continue to drive improvements based upon on your feedback. Please share your thoughts below and provide input on user voice.

Source: EM+S Blog Feed

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