Modernize your applications with the Microsoft Data Accelerator Program

Your customers are demanding the latest innovations in every solution you deliver. How do you make sure that your apps meet — and exceed — your customers’ expectations? Leverage the Microsoft Data Accelerator Program, an efficient and reliable upgrade service, to modernize your on-premise or cloud applications. This year, we have expanded the program to support four new scenarios:

Begin your journey to the cloud by upgrading to the latest version of SQL Server. Modernize your on-premises apps or extend your applications to support SQL Server 2017 on Linux.

Migrate your legacy SQL Server or Oracle apps to Azure SQL Database. Using Azure SQL Database, easily migrate your legacy apps to SaaS-ready solutions with flexible performance and cost efficiency.

Take advantage of open-source investments and modernize on-premises apps to Azure SQL Database for MySQL and PostgreSQL. Quickly build and deploy new apps using the tools you already know and love with MySQL or Postgre SQL databases.

Lift and shift on-premises SQL Server apps to the cloud with Azure SQL Database Managed Instance. Move on-premises SQL Server apps to the cloud with Azure SQL Database Managed Instance. Easily migrate your SQL applications to a fully-managed PaaS without re-designing your app.

Microsoft's Data Accelerator program enables ISV's to upgrade on-premises apps or begin their cloud journey. Whether your application was born in the cloud or you're looking to migrate, the Data Accelerator program offers you the flexibility to modernize your apps based on your customers’ needs. Apply today to upgrade your on-premise apps or begin migrating them to the cloud.

Learn more and apply for the Microsoft Data Accelerator Program.

Source: Azure Blog Feed

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