Technical reference implementation for enterprise BI and reporting

We are happy to announce the technical reference implementation of an enterprise grade infrastructure to help accelerate the deployment of a BI and reporting solution to augment your data science and analytics platform on Azure.

Azure offers a rich data and analytics platform for customers, system integrators, and software vendors seeking to build scalable BI and reporting solutions. However, you face pragmatic challenges in building the right infrastructure for enterprise-grade production systems. Besides evaluating the various products for security, scale, performance, and geo-availability requirements, you need to understand service features and their interoperability, and address any feature gaps that you perceive using custom software. This takes weeks, if not months, of time and effort. Often, the end to end architecture that appeared promising during the POC (proof of concept) stages does not translate to a robust production system in the expected time-to-market.

Technical reference implementation

This reference implementation enables you to fast track your infrastructure deployment, so that you can focus on the main goal of building a BI and reporting application that addresses your business needs. Key features and benefits of this reference implementation includes:

  • It is pre-built with components like Blob, SQL Data Warehouse, SQL Database, and Analysis Services in highly scalable configurations that have been proven in the field to meet enterprise requirements.
  • It can be one-click deployed into an Azure subscription, to complete in under 3 hours.
  • It is bundled with software for virtual network configuration, job orchestration for data ingestion and flow, system management, monitoring, and other operational essentials for a production system.
  • It is tested end-to-end against large workloads.
  • It will be supported by trained Microsoft partners who can help you with deployment, and post-deployment customization for your application needs, based on the technical guidance and scripts that ship with the solution.

How do I get the reference implementation?

You can one-click deploy the infrastructure implementation from one of these two locations:

How does the implementation work?

In a nutshell, the deployed implementation works as shown in the graphic below.

How does implementation work

You can operationalize the infrastructure using the steps in the User’s Guide, and explore component level details from the Technical Guides.

Next steps

Review the documentation and deploy the implementation. For questions, clarifications, or feedback, please email You can also monitor any updates to this implementation from the public GitHub.

Source: Azure Blog Feed

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