Join on-demand recasts of Azure Cosmos DB and Azure SQL Database webinars!

In case you missed them, we’ve posted the Azure Cosmos Database and Azure SQL Database webinars for on-demand viewing. The first webinar takes a closer look at Azure Cosmos DB, a globally distributed, multi-model database service that enables scaled throughput and storage across many geographical regions.  The second webinar shares how you can make the most of Azure SQL Database's machine learning features to deliver intelligent apps to your customers.

Azure Cosmos DB – Easily build globally distributed, highly scalable applications

Building successful apps depends on having well-indexed and formatted data—regardless of how or where data is stored. With Azure Cosmos DB, you can build globally distributed applications without the hassle of complex, multi-datacenter configurations.

Tune in to this webinar and learn how you can leverage Azure Cosmos DB to:

  • Create lightning-fast globally distributed apps
  • Model your app's data using familiar tools and APIs
  • Easily distribute data across multiple regions
  • Fine-tune performance based on your application's needs.

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Build intelligent apps faster with Azure SQL Database

Applications benefit when machine learning intelligence is applied to its underlying databases to optimize performance. Intelligent apps can spot trends, react to unusual events, and make useful predictions or recommendations.

The Azure SQL Database webinar walks you through the services, code, and data your development team needs to make intelligent applications happen. In this session, you’ll see how Azure SQL Database continuously evaluates data to provide performance-improving recommendations tailored to your workload. You’ll learn how to implement instrumentation and telemetry and add intelligence in your app, such as user recommendations and performance insights.

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