Enhancements to Cost Management APIs

In December we announced the release of ARM APIs for usage details. We continue that transformation to ARM APIs with this release of the Marketplace charges API for Enterprise and Web Direct customers with a few exceptions documented in the limitations and a Price Sheet API for Enterprise customers.

The updated ARM API offers the benefits of:

  • Migrating from a key based authorization model to ARM based authentication. Resulting in an improved security posture and the ability to utilize ARM RBAC for authorization.
  • Adding support for Web Direct subscriptions, with a few exceptions documented below.

Limitations on subscriptions

The following subscription types are currently not supported with the Marketplace Charges API:

  • MS-AZR-0145P
  • MS-AZR-0 146P
  • MS-AZR-159P
  • MS-AZR-0036P
  • MS-AZR-0143P
  • MS-AZR-0015P
  • MS-AZR-0144P

Support for E-Tags

Customers who are heavy users of our APIs have requested a new data indicator. This helps them avoid polling the API and getting a full response back that has not changed since the last call. To address this request, we are releasing an updated version of the legacy usage details API that will use E-Tags to let callers know when data has been refreshed. Each call to the API will return an E-Tag, in subsequent calls to the same API, pass the captured E-Tag with the key If-None-Match in the request header. The API will not return any data in the case there is no change since the E-Tag was generated. Currently the refresh frequency is 4 times a day as we work on continually lowering the latency between billing events and usage details.

Source: Azure Blog Feed

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