Microsoft 365: A complete, secure solution that brings together Office 365 and EMS

In this era of digital transformation, companies are reimagining how technology can help their people collaborate, communicate, and innovate more effectively. Through specific solutions, using IT resources differently, and optimizing processes, companies can achieve the essential flexibility and efficiency to transform the way they work and create more value for their customers.

However, successful digital transformation takes more than just deploying new technologies and new ways of working. It takes a new way of thinking about the needs of your enterprise, from infrastructure to productivity, mobility, security, and beyond.

One of the main benefits of enabling digital transformation is through innovation and agility. However, that puts additional demands on infrastructure, especially security. Companies do not need separate solutions, they need security built in to every part of the way they work.

Microsoft 365 combines the productivity of Office 365 with the protection of Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) into a complete, intelligent solution that is built for the new culture of work.

Here are some highlights of how Microsoft 365 provides a better user experience while strengthening personal and enterprise security.

Highly secure access

  • Managing multiple usernames and passwords is not a good use of your people’s time. Office 365 provides the convenience and consistent user experience, while EMS allows you to extend employee access to thousands of cloud and on-premises apps.
  • EMS gives you oversight and control over various levels of user privileges, while the EMS Security Wizard makes it easier to convert permanent administrators to eligible administrators and provide access on an as-needed basis.
  • EMS expands your conditional access capabilities so you can define conditions based on user identity, location, application, and risk.

Mobility and collaboration

  • Mobile apps are some of the likeliest points of access for intruders to your IT infrastructure. EMS lets you manage data inside Office Mobile apps, as well as your own line-of-business and third-party apps.
  • Mobile device management (MDM) through EMS gives you full management of corporate- or user-owned devices. Capabilities include defining and enforcing compliance with security policies, automatic app delivery, setting cut/copy/paste/save-as restrictions, jailbreak detection, PIN requirements, and remote-wipe for protected data.
  • EMS application policies protect your data at the app level without requiring device enrollment. Capabilities include app encryption at rest, app access control requiring a PIN or credentials, secured web browsing, and secured viewing of PDFs, images, and videos.
  • Applying persistent rights management protections to Office files through Office 365 helps protect shared data. EMS extends data protection to any file type, making it safer to collaborate anywhere.

Advanced security

Interested in how to give your users more freedom and autonomy to innovate with the support intelligent management and security? Learn more in our e-book, “Microsoft 365: A complete secure solution that brings together Office 365 and EMS.”

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