New feedback system for Configuration Manager docs

Starting today, the Configuration Manager doc library is using a new feedback system. The feedback section of all articles is now integrated with GitHub Issues. For more information about this change, see the docs platform blog post. The following list includes several of the benefits of this new feedback channel:

  • All content for originates on the GitHub open source platform. Now doc feedback is also open, and directly integrates with the source content.
  • Its easy for the community to contribute. Filing a doc bug, enhancement, question, or new idea is just creating a GitHub issue. Or if you want to help contribute but don’t know where to start? Check the open issues!

For more information about using this new feedback system with the Configuration Manager docs, see How to use the Configuration Manager docs.

As noted on every article for several months, old comments were not carried over. Any previous comments regarding Configuration Manager technical content that is important to you should be filed as GitHub issues.

The Configuration Manager team loves feedback! Continue to use existing channels for product feedback, and start submitting doc feedback through GitHub Issues. We look forward to seeing your contributions!

— Aaron Czechowski, Senior Content Developer (@AaronCzechowski)

Source: EM+S Blog Feed

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