In preview – Multi-container support from Azure App Service

Multi-container support from Azure App Service

  • Deploy web apps composed of multiple Docker containers to App Service on Linux.
  • App Service handles capacity provisioning, load balancing and underlying infrastructure maintenance. 
  • Bring your Docker Compose or Kubernetes Pod definition to App Service and use powerful App Service capabilities such as built-in CI/CD, auto scaling and intelligent diagnostics. 

VNet integration available in App Service on Linux

  • App Service on Linux is now available in public preview on App Service Environment (ASE).
  • Makes it easy to deploy Linux web apps in an Azure VNet with ASE, accessing resources in that VNet and across VPN connections. 

App Service:  Easier diagnostics, debugging and authentication: 

  • App Service diagnostics, now supports Linux-based apps, integrates with App Insights, and provides analytics regarding more problem areas.
  • Remote debugging is now in public preview for container-based apps and developers can use their preferred SSH client.
  • App Service authentication and authorization has also been extended to Linux.

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Source: Azure Roadmap

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