Azure AD B2C just keeps getting better! More customization options + easier to configure!

Howdy folks,

The Azure AD B2C team has been working hard creating some awesome new features that we’re excited to share with you! Here’s a quick run down:

  • We’ve added enhanced flexibility for customizing your login and registration experiences.
  • We’ve updated our portal experience so that features are more easily accessible for you.
  • We’ve added new features that make it easy to use custom Open ID Connect (OIDC) identity providers in built-in policies.
  • We’ve extended how custom OIDC providers work in custom policies to make configuration easier.
  • Azure AD B2C Language customization features are now Generally Available!

Read on for more details.

New features in public preview and GA

The new features we’re releasing in public preview are all about improving efficiency and accommodating a growing number of Azure AD scenarios.

  • Add custom OIDC identity providers in built-in policies: We’ve created a feature that enables you to use any OIDC identity provider right out of the box — a feature that used to be only available in custom policies. If you’re running a scenario in which you’re talking to multiple Azure AD tenants, you can now configure a single multi-tenant Azure AD provider with custom policies. This saves you from having a long list of identity providers and you no longer have to configure each tenant individually. This feature directs users to the right directory for authentication based on their email domain.

  • Create a policy using ROPC flow: With this feature, your application will be able to gather user credentials in the context of a native mobile app without needing the user to interact with a web browser. The app will authenticate the user with Azure AD B2C via API.
  • To better allow you to customize your login experience, we’ve released the feature. With this feature, you can remove the ‘Microsoft’ from your app URL and use <your tenant name> instead.
  • New policy portal experience: Now when you are creating and editing a policy (or as we refer to it now, a user flow), we have a new experience that will streamline your tasks and reduce friction in using our features.

  • Language customization: This feature is now generally available! Microsoft provides support for 36 languages and for custom languages when you provide the translations for all the strings.

Wrapping up

There’s quite a bit to digest here in terms of new features and functionality! We hope you test these features out and let us know what you think. We’re looking forward to hearing from you!

Best Regards,

Alex Simons (Twitter: @Alex_A_Simons)

Director of Program Management

Microsoft Identity Division

Source: EM+S Blog Feed

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