Accelerate data warehouse modernization with Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services for Azure

Today at the Informatica World, Scott Guthrie, EVP, Cloud + AI, along with Anil Chakravarthy, CEO of Informatica, announced the availability of Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services (IICS) for Azure. Microsoft has partnered with Informatica, a leader in Enterprise Data Management, to help our customers accelerate data warehouse modernization. This service is available as a free preview on Azure today.

Informatica provides a discovery-driven approach to data warehouse migration. This approach simplifies the process of identifying and moving data into Azure SQL Data Warehouse (SQL DW), Microsoft’s petabyte scale, fully managed, globally available analytics platform. With the recently released SQL DW Compute Optimized Gen2 tier, you can enjoy 5x performance, 4x concurrency and 5x scale from previous generation.


With this release, Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services for Azure can be launched directly from the Azure Portal. You can enjoy a single sign-on experience and don't have to create a separate Informatica account. With Informatica Data Accelerator for Azure, you can discover and load data into SQL DW. Informatica’s discovery-driven approach allows you to work with thousands of tables and columns.

“We are very excited about this next step in our long-standing partnership with Microsoft", said Pratik Parekh, VP, Product Management, Informatica. “This native integration of our industry leading iPaaS, Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services, on the Azure Portal demonstrates our joint engineering commitment. With this integration, customers can accelerate the migration of legacy data warehouse workloads to Azure SQL Data Warehouse.”‚Äč

You can further enrich your data with Informatica’s Enterprise Data Catalog that provides enterprise wide operationalizing and governing capabilities. You can perform impact analysis, discover data relationships, track lineage and schedule loading among other capabilities.

Informatica Intelligent Cloud Services together with Azure simplifies the experience for you to identify and migrate your on-premise data to a modern data warehouse. With this partnership, Microsoft and Informatica accelerate your journey to the cloud enabling you to leverage the scalability and flexibility offered by SQL DW.

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