Announcing the general availability of Azure SQL Data Sync

We are delighted to announce the general availability (GA) of Azure SQL Data Sync! Azure SQL Data Sync allows you to synchronize data between Azure SQL Database and any other SQL endpoints unidirectionally or bidirectionally. It enables hybrid SQL deployment and allows local data access from both Azure and on-premises application. It also allows you to deploy your data applications globally with a local copy of data in each region, and keep data synchronized across all the regions. It will significantly improve the application response time and reliability by eliminating the impact of network latency and connection failure rate.

Azure SQL Data Sync

What’s new in Azure SQL Data Sync

With the GA announcement, Azure SQL Data Sync supports some new capabilities:

  • Better configuration experience – More reliable configuration workflow and more intuitive user experience.
  • More reliable and faster database schema refresh – Load database schema more efficiently using new SMO library.
  • More secured data synchronization – We reviewed the end-to-end sync workflow and ensured user data are always encrypted at rest and in transit. Data Sync service now meets GDPR compliance requirement.

Get started today – Try out Azure SQL Data Sync

If you are building a hybrid platform or global distributed application using Azure SQL Database and SQL Server, we encourage you to try out Azure SQL Data Sync today. Check out the Azure SQL Data Sync documentation to get started, and get more details from the following content:

If you have any ideas or suggestions for data sync service, please share your feedback with us.

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