Azure Databricks provides the best Apache Spark™-based analytics solution for data scientists and engineers

Azure Databricks provides a fast, easy, and collaborative Apache Spark-based analytics platform to accelerate and simplify the process of building Big Data and AI solutions that drive the business forward, all backed by industry leading SLAs.

I am excited to announce the availability of a set of new features and regions, which enable our customers to accelerate their AI journey with Azure Databricks.

RStudio integration generally available with Azure Databricks

Today, we are announcing the ability to use RStudio with Azure Databricks. Customers can now analyze data with RStudio while taking advantage of the scale and flexibility of Azure Databricks.

RStudio offers in a rich IDE that is very popular with the data scientists in the R community. With this integration, RStudio runs directly inside Azure Databricks. This enables data scientists to continue to use the familiar and powerful RStudio IDE while gaining the ability to build their solutions at unprecedented scale. Azure Databricks provides the flexibility to start with small jobs and automatically scale up to production workloads in the same environment.

Setting up RStudio in Azure Databricks is simple and fast. Learn how to get started today.

RStudio Server

Azure Databricks available in Australia and UK

We are excited to announce the general availability of Azure Databricks in four additional regions – UK South, UK West, Australia East, and Australia South East. These additional locations bring the product worldwide availability count to 15 regions backed by a 99.99 percent SLA.

We want to ensure that we build our cloud infrastructure to serve the needs of customers by driving innovation and making it accessible globally. Stay updated with the region availability for Azure Databricks.

Azure Databricks supports Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2 in preview

Azure Databricks now supports the preview of Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2. To learn more about Azure Data Lake Storage Gen2, read Tad’s blog about the announcement.

Organizations also benefit from Azure Databricks' native integration with other services like Azure Blob Storage, Azure Data Factory, Azure SQL Data Warehouse, and Azure Cosmos DB. This enables new analytics solutions that support modern data warehousing, advanced analytics, and real-time analytics scenarios.

Get started today!

We are excited for you to try Azure Databricks! Get started today and let us know your feedback.

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