Power BI Embedded dashboards with Azure Stream Analytics

Azure Stream Analytics is a fully managed “serverless” PaaS service in Azure built for running real-time analytics on fast moving streams of data. Today, a significant portion of Stream Analytics customers use Power BI for real-time dynamic dashboarding. Support for Power BI Embedded has been a repeated ask from many of our customers, and today we are excited to share that it is now generally available.

What is Power BI Embedded?

Power BI Embedded simplifies how ISVs and developers can quickly add stunning visuals, reports, and dashboards to their apps. By enabling easy-to-navigate data exploration in their apps, ISVs help their customers make quick, informed decisions in context. This also enables faster time to market and competitive differentiation for all parties.

Additionally, Power BI Embedded enables users to work within the familiar development environments, Visual Studio or Azure.

Using Azure Stream Analytics with Power BI Embedded

Using Power BI with Azure Stream Analytics allows users of Power BI Embedded dashboards to easily visualize insights from streaming data within the context of the apps they use every day. With Power BI Embedded, users can also embed real-time dashboards right in their organization's web apps.

No changes are required for your existing Stream Analytics jobs to work with Power BI Embedded. For more information, please see our tutorial that provides detailed directions on how you can build and embed dynamic streaming dashboards with Azure Stream Analytics and Power BI.

Keep the feedback and ideas coming

The Azure Stream Analytics team is highly committed to listening to your feedback. We welcome you to join the conversation and make your voice heard via our UserVoice.

Source: Azure Blog Feed

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