Red Hat OpenShift and Microsoft Azure Stack together for hybrid enterprise solutions

Red Hat and Microsoft expand partnership to offer complete combined hybrid cloud solutions – jointly supported and in market today.

This week at Ignite in Orlando, Microsoft and Red Hat demonstrated their solution for hybrid enterprise container platforms – OpenShift Container Platform for Microsoft Azure Stack. This solution has joint support from Microsoft and Red Hat and was first announced earlier this year in May.

Microsoft and Red Hat are both committed to customer solutions that span on-premises and public cloud.  Together, Azure and Azure Stack deliver the industry’s only truly consistent and comprehensive hybrid cloud platform, which enables a unified approach to application development. OpenShift Container Platform is Red Hat’s container application platform, bringing Docker and Kubernetes to the enterprise and creating consistent solutions both on-premises and in the cloud.

OpenShift and Azure Stack present exciting new options for customers who use Microsoft and Red Hat technologies and offer the greatest possible flexibility and consistency where these solutions are run and managed – whether its in the public cloud or on-premises with Azure Stack. OpenShift and Azure Stack enable a consistent application experience across Azure, Azure Stack, bare-metal, Windows and RHEL bringing together Microsoft’s and Red Hat’s developer frameworks and partner ecosystems.

This extends the partnership, which already includes Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) on Azure and Azure Stack, SQL Server running on RHEL, .NET Core on RHEL, and the development of OpenShift on Azure managed service.

Additionally, Microsoft SQL Server on Red Hat Enterprise Linux will be made available in a container and included in the OpenShift container catalog, making it easier to deploy, manage and leverage SQL Big Data Clusters.  SQL Big Data Clusters leverage Kubernetes operators compatible with OpenShift Container Platform.

If you didn’t catch today’s demonstration of OpenShift on Azure Stack, the recording will be available soon.  Stay tuned for updates, and meanwhile, learn how to deploy OpenShift Container Platform on Azure Stack today!

Source: Azure Blog Feed

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