Announcing the general availability of Azure Data Box Disk

Since our preview announcement, hundreds of customers have been moving recurring workloads, media captures from automobiles, incremental transfers for ongoing backups, and archives from remote/office branch offices (ROBOs) to Microsoft Azure. We’re excited to announce the general availability of Azure Data Box Disk, an SSD-based solution for offline data transfer to Azure. Data Box Disk is now available in the US, EU, Canada, and Australia, with more country/regions to be added over time. Also, be sure not to miss the announcement of the public preview for Blob Storage on Azure Data Box below!

Top three reasons customers use Data Box Disk

  1. Easy to order and use: Each disk is an 8 TB SSD. You can easily order a pack(s) of up to five disks from the Azure portal for a total capacity of 40 TB per order. The small form-factor provides the right balance of capacity and portability to collect and transport data in a variety of use cases. Support is available for Windows and Linux.
  2. Fast data transfer: These SSD disks copy data up to USB 3.1 speeds and support the SATA II and III interfaces. Simply mount the disks as drives and use any tool of choice such as Robocopy, or just drag-and-drop to copy files to the disks.
  3. Security: The disks are encrypted using 128-bit AES encryption and can be locked with your custom passkeys. After the data upload to Azure is complete, the disks are wiped clean in accordance with NIST 800 88-r1 standards.

Get started now

Data Box Disk is currently available in the US, EU, Australia, and Canada, and we will continue to expand to more county/regions in the coming months. To get started, refer to the online tutorial and order your Data Box Disk today. A complete list of supported operating systems can be found in our documentation, “Azure Data Box Disk system requirements.” For a deep dive on the toolset, see our documentation “Tutorial: Unpack, connect, and unlock Azure Data Box Disk.”

Announcing Blob Storage on Azure Data Box – Public preview now available

We also are launching the public preview of Azure Data Box Blob Storage. When enabled, this feature will allow you to copy data to Blob Storage on Data Box using blob service REST APIs. We are working with leading partners in the space to ensure you can use your favorite data copy tools.

For more details on using Blob Storage with Data Box, see our official documentation for “Azure Data Box Blob Storage requirements” and a tutorial on copying data via Azure Data Box Blob Storage REST APIs.

Thank you to everyone who participated in the preview of Azure Data Box Disk, and to those continuing to participate in previews for other products in the Data Box family including Data Box Heavy, Data Box Edge, and Data Box Gateway! In the coming months, we plan to make many enhancements based on your suggestions. Please continue to provide your valuable comments by posting on Azure Feedback.

Source: Azure Blog Feed

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