Cloud Commercial Communities webinar and podcast newsletter – January 2019

Welcome to the Cloud Commercial Communities monthly webinar and podcast update. Each month the team focuses on core programs, updates, trends, and technologies that Microsoft partners and customers need to know so that they can increase success in using Microsoft Azure and Dynamics. Make sure you catch a live webinar and participate in a live Q&A. If you miss a session, you can review it on demand. Also consider subscribing to the industry podcasts to keep up to date with industry news.

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Upcoming in January


  • Grow, Build, and Connect with Microsoft for Startups – January 23, 2019 at 11:00 AM PST
    Microsoft for Startups is a unique program designed to help startups become a Microsoft business partner through access to technology, channels, markets and customers. Tune into this session to learn more about the Microsoft for Startups program, a $500 million initiative to provide startups access to both the technology and customer base needed to build and grow their business.
  • Transform Data into Dollars by Enabling Intelligent Retail with Microsoft – January 29, 2019 at 10:00 AM PST
    Microsoft is enabling retailers to deliver personalized customer experiences by empowering employees, driving digital transformation, and capturing data-based insights to accelerate growth for our partners and customers. This 30-minute session will arm partners with real case studies and actionable solutions for each intelligent retail scenario with an opportunity for live Q&A with our retail expert.
  • Azure Marketplace and AppSource Publisher Payouts and Seller Insights – January 30, 2019 at 11:00 AM PST
    Azure Marketplace and AppSource is your launchpad to go-to-market with Microsoft and promote your offerings to customers. Join this exciting session to learn more about how Azure Marketplace and AppSource Publisher payouts work and gain exposure to the seller insights tool within Cloud Partner Portal.


  • Evolving actuarial risk compute and modeling on Azure – Nick Leimer shares changes occurring in the insurance industry and how companies are dealing with it. Specifically, we look at computing risk for regulatory compliance and how it might be a good match for Azure services, like Azure Batch or Azure High-Performance Computing.
  • Reduce healthcare costs with digital transformation: security, compliance, and backup on Azure – Healthcare IT veteran, David Houlding, chats with us about reducing costs in healthcare as part of an organization’s digital transformation and specifically outlines the tools and techniques needed for these transformations to succeed.
  • Adopting Azure for real-time payments – In this episode, Howard Bush talks with us about enabling real-time transactions instead of the customary batch transactions that financial institutions use today.
  • The full lifecycle of implementing IoT with PTC – From planning to streaming analytics, this episode looks at all phases of introducing IoT to a company. Just having the data is often not enough to make decisions. Insights must be gleaned from that data.
  • Live now – Joel Neidig of SIMBA Chain talks with us about blockchain as a service –  The podcast focuses on blockchain as a service and how it can be leveraged in manufacturing. With very real use cases and stories of success, we'll see how blockchain is affecting manufacturing in various ways today.
  • Live now – Using Cognitive Services with containers – Container support in Azure Cognitive Services allows developers to use the same rich APIs that are available in Azure and enables flexibility in where to deploy and host the services that come with Docker containers.

Recap for December



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