Reserved instances now applicable to classic VMs, cloud services, and Dev/Test subscriptions

Expanding reserved instances discounts to classic virtual machines, Azure Cloud Services, and Dev/Test subscriptions

Today, we are excited to announce two new Azure Reserved VM Instances’ (RI) features to provide our customers with additional savings and purchase controls.

Since launch, we have continued to add multiple features such as instance size flexibility, RIs for US Government regions, purchase recommendations, and RIs in the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) channel. We have also extended the capability to provide reservation discounts on SQL Databases and Cosmos DB.

Features that we are launching today:

1. Classic VMs and Cloud Services users can now benefit from the RI discounts

RIs with the instance size flexibility option enabled will now apply the discount to both classic VMs and cloud services. For cloud services, the reservation discount applies only to the compute cost. When the reservation discount is applied to cloud services, the usage charges will be split into compute charges (Linux meter) and a cloud services charges (cloud services management meter). Learn how the reservation discount applies to Cloud Services.

2. Enterprise Dev/Test and Pay-As-You-Go Dev/Test subscriptions can now benefit from the RI discounts

Newly purchased RIs or existing RIs can now be applied to your Dev/Test subscriptions. VM usage on Dev/Test subscriptions will be automatically eligible for the RI discount and all existing reservations with shared scope will be updated to apply discounts to Dev/Test subscriptions.

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