Azure DevOps Projects supporting Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Functions

With Azure DevOps Projects we want to make it is easy for you to set up a fully functional DevOps pipeline tailored to the development language and application platform you want to leverage.

We have been making continuous enhancements to Azure DevOps Projects and in the latest deployment now available to all customers, we have added support for Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Functions as target destinations for your application. This builds on the existing Azure App Service, Azure SQL Database, and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) support.

The support of Azure Cosmos DB in Azure DevOps Projects means that you will now be able to create a skeleton two tier Node.js application backed by Azure Cosmos DB in just a few clicks. Azure DevOps Projects creates all the scaffolding for your pipeline to give you everything you need to develop, deploy, and monitor your application including:

  • A Git code repository hosted in Azure Repos with a skeleton Node.js application
  • A CI/CD pipeline in Azure Pipelines for deploying the database tier to Azure Cosmos DB and the web-tier on Azure
  • Web Apps for containers, Azure Kubernetes Service, or as a Windows Web App in Azure
  • Provisioning all the Azure resources in your subscription required for the application
  • Application Insights integration for monitoring your application

Choose an application framework screenshot

After using Azure DevOps Projects to scaffold your application from the Azure portal you can then access the code and the CI/CD pipeline using Azure Repos and Azure Pipelines respectively.

With support for Azure Functions in Azure DevOps Projects, you will be able to create a skeleton .Net or a sample Node.js serverless application in just a few clicks. Like Azure Cosmos DB, with this workflow you will have everything you need to develop, deploy, and monitor your application including the Git Code repo, CI/CD pipeline, Application Insights, and necessary Azure resources.

Select an Azure service to deploy the application screenshot

These features are now available in the Azure portal. Get started by creating Azure DevOps Projects now. To learn more, please take a look at the documentation, “Azure DevOps Projects.”

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