Expanded Jobs functionality in Azure IoT Central

Since announcing the release of our Jobs feature during the Azure IoT Central general availability launch, we are excited to share how we are working to improve your device management workflow through additional jobs functionalities. Today, you are now able to copy an existing job you’ve created, save a job to continue working on later, stop or resume a running job, and download a job details report once your job has completed running. These additional Jobs functionalities make managing your devices at scale much easier.

In order to copy a job you’ve created, simply select a job from your main jobs list and select “Copy”. This will open a copy of the job where you can optionally update any part of the job configuration. If any changes have been made to your device set since its creation, your copied job will reflect those changes for you to edit.

Copy an existing job created in Azure IoT Central

While you are editing your job, you now have the option to save the job to continue working on later by selecting “Save”. This saved job will appear on your main jobs list with a status of “Saved” and you can open it again at any time to continue editing.

Save a job to continue working on later in Azure IoT Central

Once you have chosen to run your job, you can select the “Stop” button to stop the job from executing any further. You can open a stopped job from your list and select “Run” again at any time you’d like.

Whether your job has been stopped or is completed running, you can select “Download Device Report” near your device list in order to download a .csv file that lists the device ID, time the job was completed or stopped, status of the device, and the error message (if applicable). This can be used to troubleshoot devices or as a sorting tool.

Download a job details report once your job has completed running

We are continually working on improving your device management experience to make managing devices at scale easier than ever. If you have any suggestions for the device management or Jobs functionalities you would find useful in your workflow, please leave us feedback.

Learn more about how to run a job in Azure IoT Central.

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