Get quickly caught up to speed on the Summer Games 2020 with Microsoft Bing

We’re excited to announce our new experience from Microsoft Bing that helps you get quickly caught up to speed on the Summer Games 2020. From event schedule to medal counter by country and more, this experience will help you find out where, when, and who to watch during the Games.

For example, search for “Tokyo summer games” to see our experience on the results page. From there, you can browse around the tabs for information whatever your interest in the Games, whether you are rooting for your home country or favorite athlete, are an aficionado of a particular sport, or only have certain times available to watch and want to know what’s on. 


If you’re less interested in browsing and have something specific on your mind, such as “men's basketball finals schedule”, you can search that on Microsoft Bing too and get a specific answer.


The Games run from July 23 to August 8, and continue with Games for para-athletics from August 23 – September 5. Our experience will be live through these dates, in all markets where Microsoft Bing is available, and accessible on both desktop and mobile so you can find what you’re looking for across your devices.

We hope you’re as excited by this experience and the Summer Games as we are! As always, if you have any thoughts please let us know by clicking the ‘Feedback’ button on the lower right corner of pages. 
Source: Bing Blog Feed

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