Drive innovation in the era of AI with ISV Success

Microsoft Inspire is our annual event celebrating the community of over 400,000 Microsoft partners. With the rapid advancements in commercially available AI cloud services over the past year, any company building cloud applications—whether a start-up or an established ISV—has a tremendous opportunity to build their AI-based offerings and partner with Microsoft. The Microsoft Cloud offers a broad host of AI products and platforms that can be integrated with your applications to create powerful, comprehensive, and connected solutions that can be built and delivered through our marketplace, all with industry-leading security.

To support your organization’s growth and aid your exploration with our AI products and platforms, we’re excited to announce that ISV Success is now generally available to companies developing B2B cloud applications using the Microsoft Cloud. ISV Success helps companies build and publish their B2B cloud applications and acquire customers to drive sales through our marketplace. ISV Success has already enabled thousands of ISVs to launch new applications on our marketplace that are searchable and transactable by our millions of commercial customers. Since private preview, participation in ISV Success has grown by over 500 percent.

Harness opportunities with AI

ISV Success helps you create AI-powered applications across the Microsoft Cloud—our collective offering of Azure, Microsoft 365 (including Teams and Viva), Security, Dynamics 365, and Power Platform. Through ISV Success, you receive benefits with a retail value of more than USD125,000 to jumpstart your innovation. These benefits include cloud sandboxes and developer tools, curated resources, community guidance, and go-to-market support. To help you stay current and ahead on the latest AI capabilities, ISV Success is also offering AI trainings, so you know what’s coming and how to prepare.

AI’s rapid advancement serves as a driving motivator for embracing new business models and nurturing invention. Microsoft provides you access to our current and future innovations, enabling you to:

  • Build your own AI and large language models with Azure OpenAI Service in a private enterprise-grade environment. 
  • Innovate with Azure Cognitive Services and low-code technology with Microsoft Power Platform that help you develop apps quickly.
  • Learn more about upcoming feature roadmaps, share feedback on in-development work, and engage Microsoft 365 product groups with the Technology Adoption Program (TAP).

And there’s more. I’m excited to announce that by the end of the year, ISV Success participants will also have GitHub Copilot included in their benefits. With GitHub Copilot, ISVs can use an AI pair programmer to spend less time on repetitive code, and more time building innovative applications.

At Microsoft Inspire 2023 and amongst our Microsoft Partner of the Year awardees, there are already inspiring stories of technology providers tackling new customer challenges, leveraging the benefits of ISV Success. Here are a few examples of ISVs in ISV Success who are doing so.

  • DataStax: DataStax empowers organizations—and developers—to build real-time AI applications. As business moves faster and faster, DataStax is leaning into the marketplace to accelerate sales. Moving towards a digital-first, B2B sales motion, DataStax is closing multiple six-figure deals through the Microsoft commercial marketplace.
  • Profisee: Profisee’s master data management solution is how enterprises can overcome their data issues to unlock strategic initiatives. By centralizing their sales through marketplace—they’ve created a model for simplified selling that’s resulted in over 800 percent year-over-year growth in marketplace sales.
  • Tanium: Since joining ISV Success one year ago, Tanium has won multiple seven-digit deals through the Azure Marketplace. Tanium’s integrations with Microsoft provide Azure customers with effective and resilient IT operations and security at scale, with real-time visibility, control, and remediation for healthy and secure environments. And through the marketplace, Azure customers can get Tanium’s product almost instantly.

Sell faster and get bigger deals through the marketplace

Cloud marketplaces have emerged as the preferred method to support customers in managing their entire cloud estate. Commercial customers are increasingly navigating to marketplaces to find solutions that help them spend and fulfill their pre-committed cloud budgets. ISV Success provides expert guidance to get your solutions quickly listed on the marketplace so those customers can find, discover, try, and buy your solutions. After your solution is listed, ISV Success helps you optimize your marketing with Marketplace Rewards—now part of ISV Success—to accelerate sales.

To help you build new sales channels, multiparty private offers are now available on our marketplace when selling to customers in the United States. This feature empowers partners to collaborate together and create tailored solutions for customers. You can engage our broad partner ecosystem to sell your products and services on your behalf and scale your revenue generation while you sleep.

Pre-committed cloud budget is the largest driver for customers using cloud marketplaces. Microsoft automatically counts the entire sale towards a customer’s commitment when buying eligible solutions. With our new multiparty private offer capability, the sale counts towards the customer’s cloud consumption commitment if your solution is “Azure benefit eligible.” With advancements in private offers and flexible dealmaking features, your organization has the tools to reach customers, unlock budgets, and fuel growth. Over 85 percent of our enterprise customers with Microsoft Azure consumption commitments are actively buying through the marketplace—looking to maximize the value of their cloud spend.

“At Dynatrace, we typically sell into the enterprise, and nearly all our customers have cloud commitments. With 100% of their purchase for our solution counting towards their contract, the marketplace opportunity is a win-win. The number of marketplace deals we’re transacting are increasing because customers are looking to get more value from their investments and fulfill their commitments. And now with multiparty private offers, we can open new sales channels through our partnerships while helping customers maximize their spending power.”

—Ayla Anderson, Senior Manager, Microsoft Alliance, Dynatrace.

Partner with us and join ISV Success

This year at Microsoft Inspire, we are delighted to share with you the latest in AI technologies, connect you with experts who are ready to help you get started, and showcase real-world solutions powered by AI.

As we continue to grow the Microsoft Cloud and the marketplace as the best place to develop and sell AI-powered applications, we are most excited to see what you build next. We invite you to partner with us by joining ISV Success today.

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