Azure Site Recovery powers TierPoint DRaaS

We are excited to announce that TierPoint, a Microsoft trusted partner, now offers Azure Site Recovery as a managed DR solution. TierPoint understands Azure Site Recovery at a deep level and creates policy-based, software-defined solutions that bring recovered systems online quickly for its managed Azure customers.

In the words of David McKenney, Director of Product Management at TierPoint, “TierPoint’s Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) customers have a choice of cloud platforms for their failover environment, and often choose Azure. They appreciate Azure’s flexibility, network policy automation, test failover capabilities, cost model, security and more.”

As businesses evolve, infrastructure solutions must also keep pace with the business, but not every enterprise has the time or resources to focus on IT maintenance, especially if IT is not a core business competency, and this could adversely impact disaster readiness. To meet their growing infrastructure requirements, more and more enterprises today outsource their IT implementation and maintenance to professional and managed services providers.

Azure Site Recovery understands this need and works with top Microsoft partners to provide a seamless experience across a range of deployment scenarios. By allowing a partner to manage your disaster recovery service, you can save precious time and resources, and reallocate those to your core business priorities.

To get started with Azure Site Recovery today, visit our website. To work with a partner, check out Azure Site Recovery partners.

Source: Azure Blog Feed

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