Azure receives HPCwire awards

Only a few years ago, most people thought it was impossible to complete mainstream, high-performance computing tasks in the cloud. Nowadays, we see complete workflows related to fields like fluid dynamics, risk analysis, weather forecasting, deep learning, subsurface and seismic simulation, in addition to many new HPC use cases showing up in Azure every day.

It’s amazing to watch users discover the possibilities the cloud unlocks, and experience access to new technology at a record pace. By enabling interactive collaboration with other researchers, the ability to experiment with new technologies ahead of capital investment, and the elimination of lengthy proposal processes and queues for jobs that complete in hours, we’re helping our customers accelerate the pace of innovation.

Like most people in the big compute space, our passion goes beyond the job. We have folks with backgrounds from most HPC industries toiling away every day to make it easier for you to bring to bear the power of the cloud on some of life’s biggest challenges. Our sustained investment in the most advanced networking, including the recent acquisition of Cycle Computing, our exclusive arrangement to bring Cray Supercomputer services to the Azure cloud, and our recent release of the Azure Batch AI service are but a few examples of ways that we are investing to make it easier for each of you to take advantage of the cloud at your pace, and with minimal disruption to your existing workflows.

I’m honored to say that the community has recognized our efforts. HPCwire announced yesterday that we are the winner of the HPCwire Readers’ Choice Award and the Editors' Choice Award in the Best HPC in the Cloud Platform category. These awards, based on the nomination and votes of HPCwire’s international readership, are a great reminder that our commitment to HPC is having a real impact. The community recognizes that Azure provides one cloud for every workload, and we’re excited to continue offering the specialized products and services that our customers need.

If you’re at the Supercomputing conference in Denver this week, I invite you to stop by booth 1501 to learn more about how Azure can help you advance your big compute efforts.

Source: Azure Blog Feed

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