NCv3 VMs generally available, other GPUs expanding regions

When we announced the preview of our new NCv3 virtual machines back in November, I knew they’d be very popular with our customers. NCv3 brings NVIDIA’s latest GPU – the Tesla V100 – to our best-in-class HPC, machine learning, and AI products to bring huge amounts of value across a variety of industries. One preview customer told us their speech recognition models trained in less than 20 minutes, instead of the 1-2 hours that previous generation GPUs required. Another customer told us about the 40-50% performance boost they saw on their reservoir simulations.

With these fantastic customer success stories, I am ecstatic to announce that the NCv3 virtual machines are now generally available in the US East region. We'll be adding NCv3 to EU West and US South Central later this month. We'll add AP Southeast in April and UK South and IN Central in May.

But this isn’t the only GPU announcement I am making today. We’re also expanding our NV series, which enables powerful remote visualization applications, into the US East 2, US Gov Virginia, and Central India regions. And our ND series, designed for AI and machine learning workloads, are expanding into the US South Central, AP Southeast, US East, and EU West regions.

I’m excited by this major expansion of our GPU fleet. GPUs are at the heart of a lot of discovery and innovation. And with our tools like Batch, Batch AI, and the Data Science Virtual Machine images, Azure customers are in a great position to expand what is possible.

If you’re attending NVIDIA’s GPU Technology Conference (GTC) in San Jose later this month, stop by our booth (booth 603) and learn more from the team.


Source: Azure Blog Feed

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