EMS news roundup: February 2018

Heres a quick recap of news and announcements for EMS last month:

Decentralized digital identities and blockchain: the future as we see it

Microsoft is committed to working closely with our customers, partners, and the community to unlock the next generation of digital identity-based experiences. People need a secure, encrypted digital hub where they can store their identity data and easily control access to it. Were excited to partner with so many people in the industry who are making incredible contributions to this space. Read the full post.

Protect multiple cloud-app instances using Microsoft Cloud App Security

Different teams within your organization may be using multiple instances of the same cloud apps. Now Cloud App Security can support and control multiple instances of cloud apps. Read the full post.

Hybrid MIM reporting now available in Azure Active Directory

You can now view hybrid reporting within the Azure AD audit activity reports. This feature will help you monitor activity across your hybrid environment. Read the full post.

EMS and Pradeo integration coming soon

Soon youll be able to inform your device compliance settings in Intune with unique real-time threat detection technology from Pradeo Security for Mobile Threat Defense, strengthening your Conditional Access policies. Read the full post.

Coming April 2 for App Devs: user consent experience improvements

On April 2, 2018, well turn on a set of improvements in the user consent experience for applications that work with Azure AD and Microsoft account service. Soon links to applications own terms of use and privacy statement will be included in the user experience. To help you prepare for these changes, read the full post.

Microsoft Cloud App Security threat protection just got better

New policies in the Cloud App Security admin experience can help you address different detection and use case scenarios with innovation in visibility, control, and protection of your cloud apps. Read the full post.

Bridge Windows modernization through co-management

Move workloads from your traditional, domain-joined and ConfigMgr-managed solutions to modern management at your own pace with co-management. Avanade shares its co-management experience. Read the full post.

Simplified application management using wildcards in Azure AD Application Proxy

Now you can use wildcards to publish many apps at once, reducing administrative work and opportunities for error with an improved management experience. Read the full post.

Print to corporate printers from Azure AD-joined Windows 10 devices

With the release of Hybrid Cloud Print, a solution specifically built for your Azure AD-joined and Intune-managed devices, your users can print from anywhere with an internet connection. This is a key step to going cloud-only for managing Windows 10 laptops. Read the full post.

Azure AD naming policy for Office 365 groups now in public preview

New features in Azure Active Directory make it easier for IT to manage Office 365 groups created by employees, including Groups Naming Policy, which enforces consistent naming conventions and lets you block certain words. Read the full post.

New information protection capabilities across devices, apps, on-premises, and cloud

New releases and enhancements to our broad offering of information protection capabilities can help you prepare for GDPR or continue strengthening your security strategy. Check out the list of new releases and previewsread the full post.

Powershell release speeds application deployment in Azure AD Application Proxy

Use PowerShell to deploy your on-premises applications faster and manage them more easily. This is great for our customers who deploy multiple Application Proxy appsyou can now automate that process. Read the full post.

The What If tool for Azure AD Conditional Access is now in public preview

To help you predict how conditional access policies will affect your users under various sign-in conditions, weve created the What If tool. Now you can simulate user sign-ins to test drive your policies under conditions you specify and generate simulation reports to help you troubleshoot. Read the full post.

February Azure AD B2C feature updates

New updates to Azure AD B2C service include new options for the end user experience. Check out the list of updates for Februaryread the full post.

Update 1802 for Configuration Manager Technical Preview Branch is now available

This months ConfigMgr preview features include improvements in OSD, improvements in Cloud Management Gateway, features for Windows 10 and Office 365, improvements in Software Center, site server high availability, and other improvements. Read the full post.

Source: EM+S Blog Feed

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