Announcing Azure Service Health general availability – configure your alerts today

Today I am excited to announce the general availability (GA) of Azure Service Health, a personalized dashboard that provides guidance and support when issues in Azure services affect you. Unlike our public status page which provides general status information, Azure Service Health provides tailored information for your resources. It also helps you prepare for planned maintenance and other changes that could affect the availability of your resources. With Azure Service Health, you can easily configure alerts to ensure that your relevant teams are notified of service health events affecting their resources.

We launched the preview of Azure Service Health in July 2017. We have been evolving the service based on your feedback – including the integration of Service Health alerts. If you haven’t already, set up your Service Health alerts.

Watch this short video to see Azure Service Health in action:

From your personalized dashboard in Azure Service Health, you can view:

Service issues – ongoing issues in Azure services that are impacting your resources. Quickly understand when the issue began and what services, regions, and specific resources are impacted. Share a link referencing the issue with your team or download a PDF summary to share with people who don’t have access to the Azure portal.

Planned maintenance – upcoming maintenance activities in Azure that will affect your resources. Understand when the maintenance will begin. And in the case of virtual machines maintenance, Service Health also shows the exact list of your VMs that will be affected and gives you the ability to perform maintenance on your schedule.

Health advisories – summaries of recommended actions to prevent downtime, including when older Azure features are being retired or if you exceed a usage quota.

Health history – past service issues that have affected the health of your resources, including post-incident summaries after issues have been resolved.
Resource health – resource-level health insights for your resources. Look up a specific resource (like a VM) to see any current or historical health issues.

Health alerts – proactive notifications for Service Health events. Create alerts to inform your relevant teams of issues that they care about – select specific subscriptions, services, and/or regions, and create an action group to alert via email, SMS, webhook, the Azure mobile app, and more.

Service Health alerts are completely configurable, to ensure that the right people in your organization are notified appropriately. For example:

  • An alert to email your dev team when a resource in a test/dev subscription is impacted
  • An alert to update ServiceNow via webhook when a resource in a production subscription is impacted
  • An alert to send an SMS to a specific number when resources in a given region are impacted

Get started by creating a service health alert today!

Finally, we would love to hear your feedback about Azure Service Health – simply select the feedback button in the top right corner of the Azure portal and let us know what you like and how we can improve.


Azure Service Health – overview page

Azure Service Health – documentation

Azure Service Health – in the Azure portal

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