#GlobalAzure Bootcamp 2018

This blog post was authored by Magnus Mårtensson, Regional Director and Azure MVP, Loftysoft.

The Global Azure Bootcamp (#GlobalAzure) is a worldwide series of one-day technical learning events for Azure. It is created and hosted by leaders from the global cloud developer community. This is community, pure and simple, at its very best. And you can join too!

If you’d like to host a Global Azure Bootcamp, all you need to do is sign up and create an event for your location, which will put your pin on our map of locations. Making your event happen is easy, follow these guidelines for more information. All you need is a location (a conference room will often suffice!), some local experts to speak and tutor a workshop, and a plan to get people to attend. But you won’t be on your own! We are here to help. You’ll see a link on the site to contact us so that we can help connect you with people both inside and outside of Microsoft.

These aren’t Microsoft events, but Microsoft loves us and what we do! Microsoft will help us spread the word for these events, cater lunch, and set up attendees with free Azure trials for testing and learning. All totaled across the world we’ll get over 10,000 global developers skilled up on Azure.

Our event has global sponsors who support us by arranging giveaways which are used locally for raffles to simply hand out to everyone. Anyone may sponsor, but we ask all our sponsors to give something to all our locations. Some great companies have done this and we are very grateful. Locally, the organizers may work with additional sponsors to make their location free to attend community events!

“The Global Azure Bootcamp is community at its finest. We are incredibly excited to see community leaders around the world rise up and help developers build the skills they need in today’s cloud-driven business environment. We’re here to help each of these community led events be a success and can’t wait to continue our decades-long commitment to the worldwide developer community,” says Jeff Sandquist, General Manager of the Azure Platform Experiences Group at Microsoft.

A big thanks to hundreds of community heroes, many of whom are Microsoft MVPs, who work diligently and passionately to make sure the local events grow and flourish. Here are all the locations pinned to this year’s map so far. Where will you stake your claim?


Global Azure is an unstoppable force of thirst for knowledge with 244 locations in 68 countries! It all goes down on April 21, 2018, everywhere at once, rolling from the first time-zones to the last circling the globe, lasting for almost 30 hours end to end. Join us and make some noise on Twitter (#globalazure), Facebook, or upload pictures and share on Flickr!

Thank you for being part of this great event!

Microsoft Azure’s valuable professionals Martin Abbott, Maarten Balliauw, Wesley Cabus, Mike Martin, Alan Smith, Michael Wood and myself, also Regional Director, Magnus Mårtensson.

Source: Azure Blog Feed

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