Bing Custom Search: Build a customized search experience in minutes

It’s a little over five months since we launched the Bing Custom Search for general availability, and we're happy to see a considerable number of websites around the world that are now powered by Bing Custom Search. You can use the Bing Custom Search offering for either powering your site search or building the vertical search experience through multiple relevant domains.

Bing Custom Search is an easy-to-use, ad-free search solution that enables users to build a search experience and query content on their specific site, or across a hand-picked set of websites or domains. To help users surface the results they want, Bing Custom Search provides a simple web interface where users can control ranking specifics and pin or block responses to suit their needs.

The Bing API Team’s goal is to empower both developers and non-developers to harness the power of the web by allowing them to build a customized search engine experience. Setting up a custom search instance is easy and quick. For customers who don’t have resources to invest in development efforts, we offer an easy to use Hosted UI solution at no additional cost.

If you believe in delighting your users and want to integrate customized Search AI capabilities into your application, then read the full blog post on the Bing Developers Blog. There you will see how Bing Custom Search works, get step-by-step guidance on how to create a search instance in minutes, and see Custom Search in action on AI: The Show hosted by Channel 9.

Source: Azure Blog Feed

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